Technical details

Input voltage

180-240V AC.I phase2wire

Output voltage

Max. 90V DC @240V AC input

Output current Continuous

15 AMP

Output current for 10sec

20 AMP

Voltage Regulation

< ± 0.5% (with 4% Engine Governing)

Voltage Build-up

Residual Volts at AVR terminal > 3V AC

External Volts Adjustment

± 7%with 1 KΩ 1 watt trimmer

Soft Start Ramp Time

3 sec.

Under Frequency Protection

(Factory Settings) 50Hz system presets knee point at 47Hz

GAVR 20A is 20 Ampere general type AVR half-wave phase-restricted thyristor Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and forms part of the excitation structure for a brush-less generator. In accumulation to regulating the generator voltage Excitation power is derived directly from the generator terminals.


The power supply and the sensing terminals are common and are marked L1 – N and operates on a supply of about 220 vac
(50 or 60 Hz) obtained directly from the output of the generator.
Note: be sure the frequency of the generator is fixed at 50 or 60 HZ (the adjusting of the frequency depends on the engine speed)
The AVR is not responsible for the frequency.
In order to get optimum results during on load operation, speed variation must not exceed more than +/- 2% of the nominal value.