About Us

Khenkikian Electronics LLC

Manager Shant Nishan Khenkikian

Manufacturer and Supplier of electronic control systems

Kenkikian Electronics established at 1969 by Abraham Khenkikian.

Khenkikian Electronics is specialized in design & manufacture of electronic control systems. We make all types of Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator ,Genset Controller & Automatic Mains Failure, Electronic Governor, Other electronics genuine  Parts. All of Khenkikian Electronics products are 100% Designed and implemented by Khenkikian skilled engineers in republic of Armenia and the production performs are in Armenia:


Our Principle

Quality, Service, and Innovation is the principle goal of Khenkikian Electronics. It underpins every communication, every relationship and every product that bears the Khenkikian brand. Our customers experience this commitment through constant feedback, continuous improvement and innovative solutions to their problems. As a result, Khenkikian Electronics has had the opportunity to work with global industry leaders, and to develop and offer the most advanced products in the market. Khenkikian Electronics customers understand that our commitment results in rapid and effective solutions are always available 


Quality Policy

At Khenkikian Electronics, we fully realise the importance of the power of the quality. Our strict quality-control system earns the confidence of our clients.
our products designed to work in all environments.


Our service

We realise your ideas to Electronics solutions from A to Z by designing,programming and producing,


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